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800 Days Online
Good afternoon, dear Users, We have some important news to tell you: today we're celebrating a nice round date. We had to face many challenges to conquer a 800-day barrier. But we enjoyed a lot of successes as well. We've done a few large deals, for instance, to sell commercial real estate on Wall Street for crypto currency. We have also arranged the Hong Kong meeting, bringing together several dozen major businessmen who availed themselves of our services to buy and sell real estate for crypto currency and were utterly pleased with it. We are proud to announce that we will celebrate 900, 1000 and even 2000 days online with you. Thank you for choosing TOPMAKLERS as your investment partner.
New Referral Contest
Good afternoon, dear Users. First of all, thank you for trusting us. We highly appreciate it and make every effort to gain efficiency of our service, adding more and more capacities for investment every day. Now, the winners of the previous contest are: Na777, 88Celore, Beazefyn, Delann1987, Gavinradi. All of these contestants have earned $1,500 in their account balances, as promised.

Today we announce the second referrals contest, which will last exactly a month, until 24.11.2019. Our conditions:

1) A contestant must have his or her own deposit of min. $500. 2) A contestant must invite 10 people, 5 of whom depositing $600 or more. 3) Only those referrals, whom you have invited not earlier than the contest announcement date, i.e. 24 October 2019, are allowed to the contest. This means you need to invite 10 new users to qualify.

All users previously registered with TOPMAKLERS LTD are allowed to join the contest. Each user complying with the contest conditions will be awarded a $ 1,300 prize. The number of winners is unlimited.
Video Presentation
Hello, dear users! Many of you have asked if there is any short guide to working with our company. Is there something that could convey the essence of our investment proposal within 1 or maximum 2 minutes? Our marketing specialists have worked on this issue and today a video presentation is available for your attention: Video presentation is a short guide, some kind of media advertising, which within 1 minute fully uncovers the essence of our business.
Security Checks Passed!
Hello, dear customers! We have great news for you: our site just recently passed security checks from the world's leading antivirus software companies. Investing with us is not only profitable, but also safe. We would like to thank you for your trust and for choosing us as your investment partner.
TOPMAKLERS always moves with the times. We strive to make our service clearer and more intuitive for potential customers. Therefore, today we are launching the BOUNTY program. BOUNTY is designed to awaken the hidden creative potential of our users, thereby making our company even more accessible and unique in the market of investment offers.

You need to make a video of at least 1 minute and upload it to YouTube. The video should demonstrate the process of deposit / withdrawal of funds. You should emphasize what you liked about TOPMAKLERS and why you chose us.
Your referral link must be included in the description of the video so that we can make sure that this video was made by you, and not by someone else.
For each video, a fee from $ 10 to $ 50 is paid, depending on how our staff will evaluate it. Fees for videos will be paid once a week on Saturdays. Send a link to your video to [email protected] The subject of your email is "BOUNTY". The text of the email should contain your username and a direct link to the video. Only videos starting from 3.10.2019 are accepted.
Be Careful:Fraud
Hello, dear clients. We want to notify you, that all these websites with similar designs are not belong to us, such as:,,, These sites are fraudulent. You should be careful, when investing, because you will not receive your money back. Notice, please: we have only one official website - Regards, TOPMAKLERS.
Referral Commission and Contest
Hello, dear users! We take into account all your wishes regarding the improvement of our investment proposal. We have decided to increase the referral payments for TPM1 up to 3%, for TPM2 and TPM3 - up to 5%. From now on, you have a unique opportunity to receive a higher fee if one of your partners makes a deposit into one of these investment packages.


Today we are also launching a contest for the number of referrals, at the end of which the winners will be rewarded with cash prizes. The contest will last a month from 22/09/2019 to 22/10/2019 All partners previously registered in TOPMAKLERS can participate in the contest.

Our conditions:
1) The participant must have his own deposit of at least $500.
2) He must invite 10 people, 5 of whom should have a deposit into TPM6 investment package, or 2 people with deposits into TPM VIP2 investment package, or 1 person having a deposit into TPM VIP1 investment package.
3) Only partners registered no earlier than the contest announcement date are considered.

Each of the winners, who meets the above conditions, will receive a reward of $1500.
2 Years Online
Dear clients. How do you do? Today is a significant day: we celebrate 2 years online. The time has come to tell you a little about us: we are a group of enthusiasts consisting of programmers, analysts and financial specialists. We have developed trading bots that allowed us to earn a fortune on the dotcom bubble, at the end of the last century. In 2009, we, as people who already had experience in trading, drew attention to the asset that was still underestimated then, bitcoin, in which we saw great potential for building capital, and we were not mistaken. Due to the fact that the cryptocurrency market turned out to be young, the strategies we had developed previously and trading bots made a splash and showed unprecedented profitability. Having gained confidence in our abilities, we began our development: the idea has arisen to help people carry out transactions with movable property and real estate using cryptocurrency. Taking funds as investments from investors, we have managed to increase the profitability of intermediary services and reduce the time for achieving our goals by four to five times. Through joint efforts, we will continue the policy of cryptocurrency integrating into ordinary areas of life, expanding our expansion into various fields of activity, thereby adding to our list of intermediary services that we provide for cryptocurrency. We are also continuing to develop our site: the official Facebook and Twitter page has been added, where the latest news and the most important information will be published
Telephone Number and Live Chat
Hello, dear customers. Our company is continuing to improve it's service. Telephone and live chat have been added. From today you can contact us from 10 a.m to 10 p.m GMT every day. Our support staff will be happy to help you.
Telegram channel and Payeer
Hello, dear clients. Today is a special day. Telegram channel has been added. From now you can subscribe on it and receive fresh news from our company right on your mobile device. Also Payeer payment processing has been added as one of deposit methods in our company. We wish good luck to everybody.
1 Year Online
Hello, dear clients. We have celebrated 1 year online. Our way was not so simple but we're still online and will continue to work for our future prosperity
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